Immanuel - God with us


This is what the Lord said with His powerful hand on me. He warned me not to follow the ways of these people: “Don’t say that everything these people call a conspiracy is a conspiracy.
Don’t fear what they fear. Don’t let it terrify you.” Remember that the Lord of Armies is holy.
He is the one you should fear and the one you should dread. He will be a place of safety for you…..
- The prophet Isaiah (chap 8)

Immanuel - God with us.
Jerusalem in 735 B.C. was like a pot on the boil, everybody must have had a theory about what was really going on, and everyone had an opinion about what should be done. In the middle of this whirlpool, God comes to Isaiah with specific instructions. In the first place, he is not to lose his focus on God. He should not be swept off his feet with the latest “conspiracy” theory, and he should not fall into the trap of fear.

The fear of the unknown is a defiling kind of fear, but the ‘fear of the LORD’ is clean. The Holy One will provide a holy place where the one who has focused on God will be at peace.

God’s presence is the one inescapable fact of human life. We will encounter Him in one way or another. Those who make a place for Him find Him to be the glue that holds everything together. Those who ignore Him find their lives to be askew and cannot understand why. They have left out the most crucial factor in the equation of their lives, so that everything will always be unbalanced.

So to trust is to wait and to wait is to trust. True trust always involves an element of waiting. It means believing in results that we cannot yet see.

Kia kaha Kia maia Kia manawanui - Be strong Be steadfast Be willing.


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