The Grand Design


The truth of Isaiah 40 is that God is outside of the systems of time and space, which means He is not conditioned by any of those systems. He can intervene in them at will and change any of them to suit His grand design. Furthermore, it means He can have a grand design.
Even though He is outside of time and space, He is not limited by them. He is aware of our distress and our captivity, our joy and our accomplishments, and he is able to come to us, sharing the joy and delivering us from our distress.
He is great enough to be able to help, and he is near enough to want to help.
Perhaps because the Bible is increasingly lost in todays society, we have lost its central idea… transformation! God has a plan for every human and we get to see these plans unfold as people leave the husks of the past behind and are transformed.
We need lives of faith that are shaped by the word of God, its view of reality, and the principles that emerge from it. If I cannot ‘believe’ God and ‘hope’ in Him in the sense of surrendering my life to Him in a kind of life that I know pleases Him, then His power cannot transform me.
But if I will actively believe His Word, there really are no limits to what He can do for me... my whānau... my nation.
Remember God is a God of intervention so be brave enough to live a life of faith, a real faith that can truly release itself into divine hands without any reservation...


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