The beauty that is the Church


Ahhh the beauty that is the Church.. this beauty, so real because her foundation was formed in heaven and not earth. What many are perhaps experiencing today are organisations that have now found themselves locked into an earth based functionality. They all once had the heart and passion to be heavenly based but choose not to function in that way or if they did, they no longer have the heart and capacity to do so. Now, many are ‘stuck on earth’, earthly wisdom, earthly agendas, earthly political manipulations so they will only ever be able to rise to a low or mediocre level. When I contrast this with this Bride, the Church, I see the beauty of who she is. She is majestic because she desires to live by the principles and desires of her Lord the Christ. Her eyes are set on heavenly things and not earthly things. This is what makes her so unique in the world, this is what sets her apart from groups and organisations and clubs. No matter how good or noble their intentions are they can only ever be based on the foundations of the world. Oh but the Church - the Church, the only organism on earth that at its centre has the DNA of heaven. Oh my, this is what sets her apart. Yes, this is what enables me and you to love our enemies, to show love in the face of spitefulness and meanness, this is what gives us the grace to love, and to pursue peace in the face of hatred and hostility. Āmene.


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